How to read, past smoke, sheng xiao float, month lighting, know the fade, no sadness. That the engraved on the memory, for me, although has experienced the pain and suffering, but, not necessarily a good thing, because it let me know, how strong to face all the hardship, optimistic to see the fate of injustice, it let me experience the peers without, perhaps, is the gift of fate!
Pick up the forgotten memories, be like, the pen to write down the past, to leave a good memory. Once heard a word "really in my heart, never need to remember, because forever will not forget", perhaps strange memory too deep, in my heart will be pain, learn to forget, but I was wrong, I naively think that over time, the memory will fade in the heart, buried in the mind.
There are two kinds of feelings in the world, is a kind of water out tired of to the old, is a kind of the huangpu river's lake miss to cry, in my world, and important people dawei, and the secondary phase forget the river's lake, this is my definition of emotion. In the boundless universe, met a lot of, but rarely fall in love, friendship, love is also, eventually form a stranger, disappeared in the boundless huge, closure.
Until flowering, shallow to coloured glaze, v, is busy if dreams all become empty, feeling deeply song without end.


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